Carpet Cleaning Kensington Park

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We Do Carpet Cleaning- Kensington Park provides a premium service at a competitive price. Our business model is based on repeat customers so in order to achieve that, we strive to ensure your carpet or upholstery is cleaned to the best of our ability. We also provide a satisfaction guarantee or no payment required for your peace of mind.

We Do Carpet Cleaning- Kensington Park have been in the industry for over 6 years so we have the experience and knowledge to tackle any unsightly carpet or upholstery. Weather it be specialised stain removal ie cordial, wine, coffee, blood, pet markings etc or dealing with unwanted odors, we are the company for you.

We Do Carpet Cleaning- Kensington Park is an ethical based business. We do not make unrealistic promises to remove all stains and we certainly don't quote cheap prices over the phone just to get you to book in. We stay true to our quoted prices so there are no hidden surprises.

We Do Carpet Cleaning specialize in;

  • Upholstery cleaning - Kensington Park
  • Mattress cleaning - Kensington Park
  • Stain removal - Kensington Park
  • Rug cleaning - Kensington Park
  • Commercial carpet cleaning - Kensington Park

carpet cleaning amazing before and after.

Please take a look at our photo gallery and checkout our before and after shots, or take a look at our short video clip on our home page to see in real time our carpet cleaning method.

Please read the following tips before you book in a carpet cleaner;

Beware the “too good to be true” quote!

Never book a carpet cleaning company based on lowest price. Many companies advertise prices that are too good to be true with no intention of completing your clean at that price. This tactic is to ensure you book in and once in the door, the price can double or even triple with add-on’s that are required but were not covered in the initial pricing. Click on this short youtube clip to find out more about this method.

Beware the 100% stain removal guarantee!

Unfortunately not all stains can be removed. Many factors influence stain removal including age of stain, type of stain and even if any DIY methods of removing the stain have been applied prior. Our guarantee is based on science – our formal training in the chemistry behind the stains, our knowledge of carpet and upholstery itself and our experience in stain removal.

Beware the “all odours gone in only one clean” promise!

Not all odours can be removed in one clean. Some odours that may require more than one clean to be removed include certain pet odours and smoke. The truth is, depending on the type of odour, the strength of the odour and if the odour is restricted to one or multiple areas, it can take more than one clean to completely rectify.